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At SIP we do assemble water treatment plants for ground water treatment & sea water, Our ground water & sea water reverse osmosis desalination systems treat water containing total dissolved solids (TDS) of 45000ppm to produce potable water.

The Pure Sip Pvt.Ltd. deals into reverse osmosis drinking water system combines mechanical filtration with reverse osmosis technology for effective water treatment in point-of –use applications. The system is manufactured using the finest material available, including NFS approved. The system is 100% tested and sanitized in preparation for shipment.
The integrity of the proven, leading edge technology provides the customer with consistent, reliable system performance. The Pure Sip Pvt.Ltd. Reverse osmosis system is backed by a one year limited warranty and the product support for 20 years.

Pure Sip Pvt. Ltd. deal in original equipment and components like RO-membranes, EDI Modules, RO Chemicals, Antiscalant, filter cartridges, dozing pumps, Resin, High Pressure Pump, and allied equipment and consumables in water treatment activities.

Our Service
When you sign up for service with Pure Sip Pvt.Ltd. our network keeps you connected to professionals who know how to make your water more efficient..We are in this business since last 4 year with the motto of maximum customer satisfaction.

The Pure Sip Pvt.Ltd. networks give you experienced local support and quick emergency service (24Hr) within Ahmedabad district..
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