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Introduction :-

The Reverse Osmosis process uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate and remove dissolved solids, organics, pyroxene, submicron colloidal matter, viruses, and bacteria from water. The process is called "reverse" osmosis since it requires pressure to force pure water across a membrane, leaving the impurities behind. Reverse Osmosis is capable of removing 90%-95% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) and 99% of all bacteria, thus providing safe, pure water.

The reverse osmosis separation technology is used to remove dissolved impurities from water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. The RO process is the reversal of flow through a membrane from a high salinity, or concentrated, solution to the high purity, or permeates, stream on the opposite side of the membrane. Pressure is used as the driving force for the separation. The applied pressure (P) must be in excess of the osmotic pressure of the dissolved contaminants to allow flow across the membrane.
Product Description :-

Pure Sip Series of Reverse Osmosis are field proven, highly reliable and cost effective answer to treat a wide range of brackish waters. Designed with flexibility, the series utilize state-of-the-art spiral wound reverse osmosis membranes to suit a given application. These systems can remove 90%-95% of total dissolved salts.

Features :-

    »   Product flow rate 1.5 - 32 m3/hr ( 4.4 - 140 GPM)
    »   Salt rejection ranges from 90 to 95% depending upon feed water composition
    »   Product recovery ranges from 50 to 80% based on feed water composition
    »   Electrical 415V,3 phase, 50Hz
    »   Concentrate discharge directed to drain at 'O' ring psi

Applications :-

    »   Ultrapure water for electronic industry
    »   Ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industries
    »   Process water for manufacturing plants
    »   Boiler feed water
    »   Beverage and food processing industry
    »   Drinking water
    »   Wastewater
    »   Bio-technology
    »   Mineral Water

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